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Watch your language!

Speaking to ourselves positively is a must this Fat Talk Free Month and beyond, however we know it can be tricky some times. That is why we are sharing with you just a taste of some affirmations and mantras that you might want to incorporate into your daily self talk. We’d love to hear about yours (these were made on the app ‘Instaquote’) so please send them our way, so that together we can create a web of great self talkers!

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Skin Deep Snippets, Issue 13

‘Bigorexia’ and the online world of Eating Disorders

Triple J HackThis week Triple J Hack covered two important topics – online groups that can have a huge detrimental impact on people with and without a history of eating disorders and ‘Bigorexia’; an issue facing young men in particular and is focused on building muscle mass and bulk.
(If you would like to speak to some one about eating disorders the Butterfly Foundation has a National Support Line: 1800 334 673).

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