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Women of the World Festival Katherine

Women of the World ProgramWOW. That is one word to describe the Women of the World (WOW) Festival held in Katherine, in the Northern Territory, this weekend. The brain child of Jude Kelly, the Festival took place over three days bringing together a large number of urban, rural and remote women (and a few men as well) to share stories and extend their networks.

Our particular interest in the Festival, aside from the obvious awesomeness, was a panel aptly named Looking the Part, exploring the topic of women and the ever present pressures to look a certain way. On the panel was Skin Deep team member Jess Cullen, local youth leader Jane Alia and Natalie A’apa’a (Blue King Brown), three young women from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and chaired by Domino Pateman from the UK’s Southbank Centre.

The panel covered a range of themes important to this broad issue, including:

  • Skin Deep’s own conversations with over 250 young Territorians in 2010, where 60% indicated body image was a big issue in the Northern Territory;
  • the impact of external factors – commercialisation, fashion, media, advertising…and the impact of conversations with our family, friends and ourselves;
  • finding a balance and having a holistic view of health (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical); and
  • cultural differences between the way we view our bodies, and other people’s.

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Self care tips from the Skin Deep crew

Sometimes, when we’re busy, taking time out to reflect on ourselves and our own needs can go out of the window. Find your happy place We believe that taking time out to focus on you, your whole being and what makes you tick, is a vital part of feeling good about yourself! Here’s some of our tips for self care.

  1. Take time out every day to do something for yourself – make it as important as your other activities!
  2. Exercise for health…and pleasure.
  3. Journal things you are grateful for, every day.
  4. Learn to recognise your own signs for needing time out and listen to them.
  5. Make a self care plan including the signs that things are not ok and a list of sure-fire activities to get yourself back on the road to awesome
  6. Find a special place to connect and exist with nature.
  7. Create a self-care zone at home, where only good, nourishing and relaxing activities can take place.
  8. Meditate! There are plenty of free apps and pod cats that can help you through a guided meditation.
  9. Remember that every day presents new opportunities.
  10. Have someone you can talk to, be it a counsellor, friend or partner. Continue reading
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