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Skin Deep Snippets, Issue 13

‘Bigorexia’ and the online world of Eating Disorders

Triple J HackThis week Triple J Hack covered two important topics – online groups that can have a huge detrimental impact on people with and without a history of eating disorders and ‘Bigorexia’; an issue facing young men in particular and is focused on building muscle mass and bulk.
(If you would like to speak to some one about eating disorders the Butterfly Foundation has a National Support Line: 1800 334 673).

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Bringing kids up to be beautiful (Rachel Warland)

I’ve wanted to blog about not only about how I am going to instil in my daughter the importance of treating everyone with respect and kindness, and that every person is different and special in their own way, I also want to talk about the importance of teaching all young kids what I call the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ theory.

I have mentioned previously in a blog that I was teased for being a chubby kid during my school years. Since about the age of 6 I was a bigger kid, I was fortunate enough though that my outgoing personality and ability to stand up for myself always saw me get through the teasing OK. But unfortunately there are kids out there who do not have self confidence. But it’s just what little kids do right? Tease each other and muck around? It’s harmless, “they won’t remember from that young!” This is where negative thoughts on body image begin. From ages as young and 3 and 4 I have heard kids use the words ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’. What the!?

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