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Struggles of a skinny girl

Words: Lindsey Diacogiannis


“What’s anorexic?” I asked my friends after they jeeringly told me I looked that way, at the age of thirteen. I weighed about xx (number removed by Skin Deep Project to comply with Mind Frame national media standards), had always been thin and never had an eating disorder. I’d been fortunate enough not to have faced eating disorders, but when I was told I “looked anorexic” it was the tone of voice that implied something was ‘wrong’ with the way I looked.

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For the Mother I Sometimes Meet

Words: Alysha Herrmann

As long as I can remember, my mother has always been overweight. Hovering usually in an Australian dress size of 22-26, she’s had to shop at plus size stores or generic department stores with their shapeless, blocky and unflattering designs. And it was always clear, without always being spoken, that she hated her body and by extension often herself.  There were many times she’d ask  ‘How can you love me, when I’m so fat and ugly?’ or “Do you think I’m ugly?’ or just state ‘I look horrible. Horrible and fat.’ Questions and statements that came from a deep and hurting place inside of her.

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High school….ten years on.

Words: Jess Cullen

Over the past few weeks I have had an influx of invitations to hang out with people I don’t really know and don’t particularly like. Yep, it’s been 10 years since I graduated high school and the reunions are being planned.

My thoughts regarding the relevance of reunions in the day and age where you can get access to information about anyone you want to aside, props to the guys who are putting themselves out there to organize them – only to be turned down by party-poopers like me. Politely and with the utmost humility, of course.
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Who is Mr. Right? (2.0)

We love sharing with you the best body image pieces the interwebs have to offer. We have great pleasure in presenting this fantastic piece by Allan, originally posted on ajbisherenow.tumblr.com

We’ve touched on the impact of body image pressures for males before, and this piece is insightful, thought-provoking and eye-opening.

It’s long, but worth a read, so grab a comfy seat and get ready to have your mind blown!

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The Skin Deep dream

Our Skin Deep community is made up of people all over Australia, or overseas, and we love that we can share our vision with you all. Part of our dream (that you probably already know), is to continue to share positive messages about creating our own ideals, understanding people have a story, and embracing your own kind of beautiful. Thank you for being part of that story with us!

There is another important part of our dream though.

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Work it out: let’s get rid of fat talk in the workplace!

Our workplaces. Many of us spend close to forty hours a week in them, whether it’s an office, a site, the outdoors or else where. We spend over seven hours of our waking day with our colleagues. Often we share war stories with them, celebrate achievements, and the odd morning tea, lunch or cake. For some, the latter can strike fear in the heart of even the strongest.

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The skin I’m in (Amy Hetherington)

Skin. Our biggest organ. Our protector. Our barrier from the outside world. It can also be a source of great pain and struggle. Amy Hetherington shares the story of her battle with acne and her realisation that there are bigger and better things in life.

Amy Hetherington, living with the skin she’s in.

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Women of the World Festival Katherine

Women of the World ProgramWOW. That is one word to describe the Women of the World (WOW) Festival held in Katherine, in the Northern Territory, this weekend. The brain child of Jude Kelly, the Festival took place over three days bringing together a large number of urban, rural and remote women (and a few men as well) to share stories and extend their networks.

Our particular interest in the Festival, aside from the obvious awesomeness, was a panel aptly named Looking the Part, exploring the topic of women and the ever present pressures to look a certain way. On the panel was Skin Deep team member Jess Cullen, local youth leader Jane Alia and Natalie A’apa’a (Blue King Brown), three young women from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and chaired by Domino Pateman from the UK’s Southbank Centre.

The panel covered a range of themes important to this broad issue, including:

  • Skin Deep’s own conversations with over 250 young Territorians in 2010, where 60% indicated body image was a big issue in the Northern Territory;
  • the impact of external factors – commercialisation, fashion, media, advertising…and the impact of conversations with our family, friends and ourselves;
  • finding a balance and having a holistic view of health (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical); and
  • cultural differences between the way we view our bodies, and other people’s.

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Please be a leader Big Brother!

Confession time. A couple of members of the Skin Deep team are serious Big Brother fans….and not ashamed of it.

Cat watching cat

What we’re like when Big Brother is on…(from http://theweeklycat.wordpress.com)

This week a few conversations made our ears prick up – girls in the Big Brother house talking about their bodies. Housemate Mikkayla, on Wednesday night, discussed with the rest of the house mates a dislike for the physical aspects of her background, launching into the things she hates about herself. Others chimed in to try and make her feel better, some taking the approach of telling Mikkayla what they thought was good (physically) about her and some pointing out that they’ve also experienced body dissatisfaction. There’s also been some talk about eating disorders this season too.
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Skin Deep Snippets, Issue 10


Jessica Smith Daily Mail

Jessica Smith in the Daily Mail

Jessica Smith talks about how her experience with an eating disorder cost her a career as a Paralympian and drove her to start #JoinTheRevolution, promoting positive body image. You can read the article here

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