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Role models & world changers.

Words: Lauren Moss

The fabulous, talented, passionate and powerful Heywire crew, 'All Women'.

The fabulous, talented, passionate and powerful Heywire crew, ‘All Women’.

From Sunday the 9th February to the 14th February, I was incredibly lucky to join the winners of the ABC’s incredible program Heywire. I attended in the capacity of a mentor, representing headspace, a national organisation that I love, and for who I am a Youth Advisor. Heywire brings together approximately 40 young people from regional, rural and remote Australia every year to share their stories, and to work together on solutions that can be adopted by communities across Australia. Yep, it is an INSANELY huge opportunity for any young person wanting to make a change!

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Who is Mr. Right? (2.0)

We love sharing with you the best body image pieces the interwebs have to offer. We have great pleasure in presenting this fantastic piece by Allan, originally posted on

We’ve touched on the impact of body image pressures for males before, and this piece is insightful, thought-provoking and eye-opening.

It’s long, but worth a read, so grab a comfy seat and get ready to have your mind blown!

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Please be a leader Big Brother!

Confession time. A couple of members of the Skin Deep team are serious Big Brother fans….and not ashamed of it.

Cat watching cat

What we’re like when Big Brother is on…(from

This week a few conversations made our ears prick up – girls in the Big Brother house talking about their bodies. Housemate Mikkayla, on Wednesday night, discussed with the rest of the house mates a dislike for the physical aspects of her background, launching into the things she hates about herself. Others chimed in to try and make her feel better, some taking the approach of telling Mikkayla what they thought was good (physically) about her and some pointing out that they’ve also experienced body dissatisfaction. There’s also been some talk about eating disorders this season too.
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