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To the Skin Deep community…

A message from Lauren

Things have been a little quiet here over the last few months, so I wanted to provide an explanation.

Jane, Jess and Natalie on a body image panel at Women of the World Festival 2013

Jess (centre) with Jane and Natalie on a body image panel at Women of the World Festival (Katherine) 2013

We’ve had some changes to the team and a HUGE thank you goes out to Jess who recently moved on to channel her great energy into other areas. Jess has been a huge influence in the every day activities of the project, a great support, and is going to kill it at whatever she puts her mind to!

In other areas: yesterday I watched this talk by the brilliant Brené Brown (a US researcher) and, like a few other things over this period, it really struck a chord with me. I’ve been living small. I have been stuck in a giant, fiery hole of self doubt and it’s been creating blockages in many areas of my life from this project (which I am intensely passionate about), to my new business, and even to just being motivated to get up and go for a walk.


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Five things to increase your self gratitude this Easter

1)      Drop the guilt. Easter eggs are yummy. Easter is but once a year. Chocolate bunnies. Hot crossed buns. Chocolate for breakfast?!

2)      Use this time to get together with friends and family, and embrace their awesomeness (and let them feel yours).

3)      Spend some time in the sun. Lots of us are Vitamin D deficient people!! Practice some mindfulness. How good does that lovely sun feel on your face? Thank you sun (Slip, Slop, Slap, Slip and Slide….). If there’s no sun…just soak in some outdoors gorgeousness!


4)      Write a list of your strengths. Pure, unadulterated, free and honest you time. What makes you, you? What are you great at? What do you have knowledge in? How can you use that to propel yourself forward?

5)      Pass it on. Whether it’s a quote or a beautiful picture shared on your Facebook page for others to share, or simply passing on your words of thanks and love to a friend on the phone, in person or online, pay the love forward. And remember – you are as deserving of that love back.

Happy Easter xx

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Struggles of a skinny girl

Words: Lindsey Diacogiannis


“What’s anorexic?” I asked my friends after they jeeringly told me I looked that way, at the age of thirteen. I weighed about xx (number removed by Skin Deep Project to comply with Mind Frame national media standards), had always been thin and never had an eating disorder. I’d been fortunate enough not to have faced eating disorders, but when I was told I “looked anorexic” it was the tone of voice that implied something was ‘wrong’ with the way I looked.

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Fat Talk Free February is over. So, what now??

Last week Fat Talk Free February drew to a close, and some of us will be wondering – “what next?”.

Well we’re here to tell you that although marked formally once a year, Fat Talk can be banished all year round!

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How speaking up has helped me quiet the noise.

Words: Rachel Warland 

I was inspired to write this following the tragic passing of Charlotte Dawson and the need to get out there the importance of treating and educating people about mental illness.

About a year ago some alarm bells set off for me after completing a Mental Health First Aid course and I decided it was time for me to get help. A year later (almost) and I am a lot better and manage my anxiety as best I can. Receiving ongoing treatment was the best thing I ever did – it has done wonders in aiding me to live with anxiety. I want to share my experiences to help others who suffer from mental illness and give them hope that things will get better if you find that light within, or confide in those you love wanting to help you. And get the help you need and deserve.

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High school….ten years on.

Words: Jess Cullen

Over the past few weeks I have had an influx of invitations to hang out with people I don’t really know and don’t particularly like. Yep, it’s been 10 years since I graduated high school and the reunions are being planned.

My thoughts regarding the relevance of reunions in the day and age where you can get access to information about anyone you want to aside, props to the guys who are putting themselves out there to organize them – only to be turned down by party-poopers like me. Politely and with the utmost humility, of course.
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Watch your language!

Speaking to ourselves positively is a must this Fat Talk Free Month and beyond, however we know it can be tricky some times. That is why we are sharing with you just a taste of some affirmations and mantras that you might want to incorporate into your daily self talk. We’d love to hear about yours (these were made on the app ‘Instaquote’) so please send them our way, so that together we can create a web of great self talkers!

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Shhhh….I want to share a secret with you!

Words: Lauren Moss

I have a secret.


Sometimes I wear war paint.


You might be wondering how on earth this is a secret, but it is – because no one can see it. The thing is, that sometimes, when a day is going to be really hard or maybe I’m going some where and feel really nervous, putting on that slick of bright lipstick for me is a ritualistic way of taking a breath and saying to myself “I’m prepared”.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly!


This time of year brings plenty of things we love – bonding with family and friends, sunshine (maybe even a tropical storm), bad movies and dinner parties with all the food. It also brings with it a whole range of other things, like the onslaught of bikini diet plans (already, before Christmas even arrives), planning for New Year’s resolutions, and in some cases seeing people you haven’t for a long time just doesn’t make your ‘good times’ list.

Some aspects of the festive season may leave you feeling a bit like this...

Some aspects of the silly season may leave you feeling a bit like this…

Here’s some of our tips for surviving the silly season:

1)      Put aside part of the public holidays just for you, even if it’s half an hour, and pick an activity you enjoy. Do it solo.

2)      Spend some time reflecting on the year that was, in whatever way feels right for you. Remember to include the things you are grateful for, the things you achieved and what you learnt.

3)      Make yourself a new year’s resolution that involves being kinder to yourself in 2014, taking a more holistic view of your health, or spending some more time doing what you love.

4)      Reconnect with someone that nurtures a different side of you.

5)      Remember that indulging every now and again is not a bad thing!

Most of all, ENJOY IT!

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What does your aura look like?

It’s December, which inevitably means you will have some time and space to reflect on your challenges and achievements this year. You will see some content in the coming weeks from Skin Deep about the year that was 2013 for us. It’s been a big one!

When you take some time to reflect and celebrate (which we encourage you to do) on your own 2013, keep in mind not only your tangible achievements, but also the intangible footprint, or aura you have created in the last 12 months.

You know, your aura! It’s that colourful field around you when a psychic takes your picture right? Yes, that’s true. But regardless of where you sit on auras, The Secret and karma, there’s definitely something we can take from it all.

What would people around you say if we were to ask them what kind of energy you put out into the universe? How are your interactions impacting on yourself and others?

Change your thoughts. [From:]

Change your thoughts. [From:]

Despite everything going on around us – and sometimes it is chaotic – we still maintain control on how we interact with other people and our environment.

So, what does your aura look like?

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